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We’re so excited to provide access to our Newsletters that provide direct information from Judi Wright on the local market and other interesting information. Whether we are updating you on interesting tidbits, new neighborhood restaurants or what is going on in the market, we provide a personalized view of what we are seeing happen in our area. It’s a more personal look at what is going on vs. the more corporate Market Reports on that page. We also offer updates on what is going on with our Team and us personally. Maybe a new grandchild or whatever. When you work with us, you become like family and our Newsletters are more of a family style update. We generally feature Coming Soon properties, New listings and anything recently Sold. We also offer reminders of important things (i.e. time to protest your appraisal value and/or file for your Homestead Exemption), etc. This is basically our vehicle to keep you up to date on any and everything we thing you need to know about.


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