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We’ve made these videos over time hoping that these would be a great resource to Buyers and Sellers. We don’t necessarily like the way we look or sound on video, but we worked hard to get past that to put together a resource library to help you. We aren’t professional videographers either or actresses, so hope you can overlook any mistakes (some day I swear we will put together a blooper roll). We have videos about preparing your home for sale, videos with roofers and other service providers, videos about common things that come up during a transaction, videos about our team (and how we are different) , a few video testimonials and so much more. We even include some specific neighborhood videos and, of course, videos of many neighborhoods and homes. If you like looking at homes, you will love this page and our Judi Wright Team YouTube Channel.

About the Judi Wright Team

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Check back often…we have more videos coming soon!