Preparing to Sell Your Home

You’ve made the decision to sell your home and the next steps are very important. Start by contacting a qualified agent to sell your home (such as The Judi Wright Team). You will also want to do a quick analysis of your home. Is there anything broken or not working properly? What does your landscaping and front of the home drive up appeal look like? Quick, get some fertilizer on the yard and…

What's my Home Worth?

Interested in Selling Your Home? You’ve come to the Wright (Right) place! The Judi Wright team agents are home marketing specialists. Our experience in Sales & Marketing offer us a depth of knowledge that allows us to uniquely market your home both in print and digital advertising (Judi is a Real Estate Digital Marketing Expert) enables us to drive the most interest and gather the highest price for…

Working with a Realtor

When inviting an Agent over to meet with you for the first time, you do not need to have your home show ready. That is part of the advantage we can help provide.  In a Buyer’s market, a Seller has a lot more to do to get their home ready. In a Seller’s market, what used to be required may not be – always contact an agent before expenditures to make sure you need or should make them to sell your home…



Selling Your House Summer 2018

SellingYourHouseSpring2018 - JUDI WRIGHT