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We’re so excited to provide access to Market Reports by Quarter, with information by County, that encompasses most of Texas (10 counties) and specifically our North Texas area. Complete stats are provided showing Active, Pending and Sold properties and showing details like Average Price Per Sq. Ft., Days on Market and % Sold Price vs. % List Price. It’s extremely interesting and valuable information to have when making a decision to buy or sell. At Ebby Halliday, we’re committed to educating our clients on the market so better (smarter) decisions can be made. This information is vital whether Buying or Selling. Knowing how much competition you are likely to be up against whether Buying or Selling can help you craft an offer better when Buying, and price your home to stand out in the market when Selling. Also, be sure to have an experienced Realtor by your side to help you utilize this knowledge before starting the process to buy or sell.

2021 Reports

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Check back each quarter for the latest report…