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Hottest Home Décor Trends for 2019

By April 2, 2019December 14th, 2023Homeowner Tips, Judi's Blog

Stylish home decorating ideas for many budgets


Looking to freshen up your home décor this spring?


As one of the top realtors in Frisco, Plano and North Dallas, we get to see the inside of a lot of amazing homes. Great home décor can turn heads and drop jaws, but it’s not always easy to keep up with the latest trends. So, we checked in with a few design experts to see which home décor trends are making waves in 2019 and beyond.


Whether you are looking to touch up a few rooms or planning a larger redecorating project- we have some exciting trends to help you freshen your digs in style. Some of the key themes for the hottest trends include earthy, comfortable and breathable living spaces with lots of texture and robust color palettes.

Twelve home décor trends causing a stir

Earthy, Natural Environments

In recent years, the polished techy look was big for home décor, but recent trends are pointing to a more earthy, natural look and feel. You’ll see the term ‘organic’ pop up a few times in the 2019 trends because it’s a common thread we see from many of the design experts. Adding floral arrangements and live green plants is one way to achieve a natural look. Accenting with wood grain furniture can warm up any room and adding natural materials such branches and earth-toned vases give a fresh look to table-tops and shelves. Natural stones and metals are also big– from concrete counters and tables to copper accents (see below), to granite and marble surfaces. Let’s get natural baby!

Living Walls & Eco-Scapes

Maybe we’re all running from the overabundance of technology or escaping from everyday stress, but eco-scape environments are making a big push in home and commercial environments alike. Some call it ‘biophilia’- others call it refreshing. Whatever you call it, the design trend is bringing the outdoors inside with lots of live green plants, natural lighting, indoor water features, and living walls sprouting herbs, small succulents, and colorful blooms.

Agate walls and accent pieces

Agate tile, wallpaper, countertops and accent pieces are becoming very popular for the well-designed home. Agate offers a natural symmetric pattern that can be very appealing in design. You’ll see a wide variety of colors used in agate décor along with neutral or monochromatic patterns. The combination of natural patterns and bold pops of color are a perfect mix of two of this year’s most popular trends.

Rich, saturated colors

While neutral colors are classic favorites, designers this year are adding bold, rich colors in accents and furniture for a dramatic pop. Think deep rich blues, greens, burnt yellows and reds. From what we’ve seen, dark and moody is the new neutral.

70’s Retro Chic

What’s old is new again – and very cool. This new take on the 70’s throws in the funky furniture stylings from the Dick van Dyke era with bold color palettes and crazy mixed-up textures. The use of velvet and geometric patterns add lots of throw-back zing that’s easy on the eyes.

5th Wall Accents

What the heck is a 5th wall you ask? The ceiling of course! The newest trends are bucking the single accent wall concept and moving instead to a unified color on all four walls, plus dramatic ‘statement ceilings’ that make you ooh and awe. Go for a bold secondary color, decorative beams or even wallpaper to help draw the focal point up, make rooms appear larger, and a lot more interesting.

Vintage, Artisanal Lighting

Lighting can be a game-changer for home décor. And, like many other trends this year, lighting is leaning toward the bold and unique look. From locally crafted or ‘artisanal’ lighting to modern vintage pendants and scones, the design pros are expecting to see a fusion of unique style mixed with lots of brass and copper finishes.

Velvety Furniture

Velvet covered sofas, chairs, pillows – yes, please! Luxurious and stylish, these décor pieces are not your grandma’s furniture. Think funky styles with rounded corners in a wide variety of rich colors that beckon you to plop down into their plushy comfort.

Wall Paper is In

Looking to add more depth to your walls than paint can provide? Wallpaper is back – and it’s fantastic. We’ve seen wallpaper coming back over the last few years, but 2019 promises to be its return to full glory. There are tons of new styles and colors available that capitalize on the hot trends like rich textures, bold patterns, faux brick or stone looks such as the popular agate stone mentioned above, even beautiful metallics and faux metal surfaces. And today’s wallpaper is much easier to install and remove that before.

Brass, Copper & Other Metallics

Rich and earthy, metals bring warmth and substance to the décor palette. Brass and copper fixtures add warmth and drama to just about any room, especially kitchen and bathroom faucets. In the kitchen, we love the mixed-metal look with hammered metal sink basin mixed with copper or brass fixtures. What about rose-gold (aka millennial pink) that was so popular last year? This year, good old gold is taking over – from faucets to fixtures to appliances. Wowie!

Colorful Kitchens & Bathrooms

All-white kitchens are clean and nice to look at, but this year’s designers must have been yearning for something more vibrant. Look for dramatic wall colors, bold tile colors, backsplashes and cabinetry to spice up kitchens and add glam to monochromatic kitchens. Brightly colored appliances such as ovens are also causing a stir in designer homes. How’s that for spicy?

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