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Pack More Convenience Into Your New Home Move-In

By March 28, 2015March 11th, 2024Home Buyers, Judi's Blog

New Home Move InStephen and Janine were not looking forward to packing or subsequently unpacking once they sold their existing home and moved with their two children into their step up residence that realtor Judi Wright had found for them. But that was before Stephen spoke with his cousin Annabel, who provided some wonderful ideas on making the “tasks” of packing and unpacking so much more manageable.

Following cousin Anabel’s advice, Stephen and Janine began the task of packing at a very early stage of their move. Once they obtained their home loan, they began sorting through their belongings.

Judi Wright is pleased to relay this positive experience from Stephen and Janine about streamlining their packing chores. Hopefully, the prospect of hauling boxes and furniture to your new home before unpacking everything won’t seem so daunting.

“Right at the front end, we disposed of the items we knew were not going to accompany us to our new residence,” said Janine. “We sorted everything into three piles that we would keep, donate to charity, and discard. We then boxed up the items we wanted to keep but would not use until after the move and initial unpacking were completed. These included seasonal clothing and our holiday decorations, just to name a few.”

The couple actually devised an organization system to help them avoid frustrating searches for specific items once they unpacked at their new home.

“The system we came up with helped us keep track of everything, which in turn ensured that everything would be delivered to the correct room of our new home,” said Stephen. “We color-coded our boxes by room — using red for the master bathroom, and orange for the kitchen. Then we wrote the numbers on the boxes, and created a list with the number of each box and their contents.”

To ensure that their initial move-in experience ran much smoother, Janine and Stephen packed a suitcase with the clothes and toiletries they knew they’d need for the first week (or so) of living in their new home. “This way, we didn’t have to rush to unpack everything immediately,” said Janine. “This was important because both of us and the kids needed our clothes for work and school immediately following our move.”

Once they began unpacking at their new home, the couple designated two boxes in which they placed items they wanted to discard, and those they wanted to donate to charity. “These were items that we initially wanted to keep when we packed, and then decided we wouldn’t keep after all,” said Janine.

Realtor Judi Wright hopes that these tips will help streamline the moving experience into your new home. Please be sure to Email Judi at [email protected] or call her at (214) 597-2985 if you are in the market for a new home, or are looking to sell your current property.

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