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Thinking of painting your brick home? Pros, cons, and alternatives for painting brick homes.

By September 30, 2018December 14th, 2023Homeowner Tips, Judi's Blog
Painting exterior brick | Judi Wright Team | Top Frisco Realtor

Painting exterior brick is trendy – find out if its right for your home.


Trends in painting brick exteriors

If your home’s curb appeal is sagging, you might be thinking about painting your brick to get an instant update. Painting exterior brick seems to be popular lately as it can give your home a whole new look with relatively little cost compared to major reconstruction.


But, before you head out to the paint store, there are a few things to consider when deciding if this is the right approach for you. Here’s our list of pros and cons for painting exterior brick – plus a few alternatives to help you decide the best approach for updating the exterior of your home.


Painting exterior brick | tools | Judi Wright Team

Visualize your painted brick using tools such as Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap Tool

The Pros of painting exterior brick

Many home makeover experts like Joanna Gaines are bringing attention to this technique because it can yield dramatic results quickly. Outdated brick color or styles can be transformed (almost) instantly into brighter, more modern looks.  And, painting exterior brick can add drama to monotonous homes, or add stunning appeal with contrasting color combinations.


Painting exterior brick can be an economical way to increase the value of your home in a relatively short amount of time. Additionally, if done correctly, painting brick can help protect against weather deterioration. And, it is easier to clean than natural brick.


The Cons of painting exterior brick

Although painting the exterior brick of your home might sound appealing, there are many drawbacks to consider.


Painted brick is permanent

Once you paint brick, it is almost impossible to remove the paint if you change your mind. You can change paint colors by painting over the old paint. But, going back to a natural brick finish can be very costly, if not impossible


Maintenance & structural damage

Although painted brick is easier to clean, keeping the paint in good condition takes more work. Dirt and debris are more visible on painted brick, so it must be power washed more often to keep it clean.


Additionally, since brick is a porous material, moisture can get trapped inside the bricks and mortar causing it to erode. This moisture can also cause the paint to chip and crack leaving an unsightly appearance.


Experts recommend repainting your brick every 3 to 5 years to maintain the brick integrity and keep the fresh look. This constant repainting can get expensive over the life of the home.



Alternatives to painting exterior brick

Besides painting exterior brick, there are some options that could provide that enhanced curb appeal or trendy update you are after.



Brick staining is an option recommended by many professionals because it can give you the instant transformation of color and style, without the drawbacks of paint.  Most exterior brick paints are latex or acrylic which sit on top of the brick’s surface and provide a flat look.


Mineral and lime stains, on the other hand, penetrate the brick’s surface and form a chemical bond with the brick. The dyeing effect of the stain can transform color without losing the natural depth and character of the brick. Staining also allows the brick to breathe and does not require the constant maintenance of repainting every 3-5 years.


The drawback to staining brick is that it can be time-consuming and expensive if you want the brick to be stained a different color from the grout.


Lime wash

Another option for updating tired or dated brick is lime washing. Lime washing acts more like a stain because it soaks into the brick and allows the natural character of brick to show through. Lime washing is seen often in the very trendy ‘industrial chic’ style and can also be tinted in any color for endless style options.


Lime washing is affordable and is more environmentally friendly because it does not contain the petrochemicals often found in paints.


Stone and plaster sprays

Accenting brick with limestone spray is another popular way to quickly update your home’s exterior. This trendy option can be used in countless ways to add drama and change the look without overhauling the complete brick exterior. Limestone sprays are offered by many local professionals and come in a variety of colors and styles.


There are many options for updating the exterior of your brick home. If you decide painting or staining your brick is the right choice, here are a few apps that could help you envision how color could transform your home.


Valspar Color painter– web tool

Paint My Place – available for iOS devices

Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap Tool & Visualizer – available for web, iOS & Android


Wondering how changing your home’s exterior could impact your home value?

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