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Frisco purchases land for new park – how this could impact Frisco residents

By January 25, 2018February 22nd, 2021Judi's Blog
Land purchase for park | Frisco | Judi Wright Team

The city of Frisco recently announced the intent to purchase 390 acres of land, of which 240 acres will be used to grow the Frisco parks system. The $61 million deal with Brinkmann Ranch will bring Frisco’s dedicated park space to approximately 1,840 acres when the dust settles and will include playing fields, open green space, and hiking/biking trails.


Since the announcement, we’ve heard many comments about the deal. Some rally in support while others lament about whether Frisco really needs more soccer fields. No matter which side of the fence (or park) you’re currently on, this new park development is likely to have an impact on you as a resident.

Highlights of the 390 Acre Deal

  • Plan unanimously approved by Frisco City council on 1/16/18
  • Location is 390-acre tract on the southwest corner of Panther Creek Parkway and Preston Road, part of the Brinkmann Ranch
  • No master plan is currently developed for use of the land, but tentative plans call for:
    • 240 acres to be used for green space, hiking & biking trails, and athletic fields/spaces including baseball, football, soccer, tennis, volleyball, lacrosse, and cricket
    • 150 acres for Frisco EDC and CDC to be used for future development
  • Purchase of land is part of the Frisco Master Development plan which estimates 350,000 residents by 2035 and has a goal of *11.5 acres per 1,000 people. (See comparison chart below for other cities)

Park acres per 1,000 People – City Comparison

Impact of new park deal for Frisco residents

So, how does this new park deal impact you as a Frisco resident?  Will you have to pay higher property taxes? Or, get jammed up in more traffic? Will the availability of more practice fields put an end to those absurdly late practice times?


To help answer the question, we did a little digging on the potential impact of parks on our Frisco neighbors.  Here’s what we found:


Availability = more choices

Frisco is a fast-growing city, and it’s a healthy kind of growth. Dubbed Sports City USA, the city attracts families from all over who want to be a part of this vibrant community.


The Brinkmann park plan calls for 240 acres to be used for numerous sports and types of playing surfaces. This means more variety in the number of practice and playing venues. And, the ability to attract a variety of sports and players.


For those parents suffering through late night practices because there just aren’t enough practice facilities, this is great news. And for those traveling to nearby cities in search of municipal lacrosse or tennis courts, the news is just as welcome.


Economic Impact, possibly lower property taxes

The topic of property taxes seems to capture a lot of headlines these days. And, it’s no wonder since many homeowners feel like they are being ‘taxed’ out of their homes. But, how will a new park help?


The attraction of world-class park and recreational facilities is vital to attracting tournaments, as well as major new corporations and business entities to a community. Companies looking to start up or relocate place a heavy emphasis on ‘livability’ of a community – and, that includes green spaces and available recreational facilities. Just check out Amazon’s H2 bid packet if you have any doubt about this one.


In addition to attracting more businesses, having ample green and park space helps communities flourish. This, in turn, helps retain high-value businesses and continued investment. This waterfall effect of continued investment minimizes the potential of neighborhood blight.


Also, having high-quality recreational facilities and fields will help attract more tournaments and tourists from all over the country. And of course, they’ll bring their wallets with them spending money at hotels, restaurants, and shops.


These factors combined help increase the economic position of our city, and reduce the burden of tax on property owners. Boom!


Fewer high-density homes

And another hot topic—apartments and multi-family unit development in Frisco. Seems they are going up everywhere right?


The good news is the land purchased by Frisco for the new park development was previously zoned multi-family, aka apartments. With the new deal, this land will now be re-zoned into green space, trails and recreational sports fields instead of 1,100 apartments. Yeah!


Physical & mental health benefits

Ever want to just get outdoors and breath, without getting run over by a car? It’s been recognized for years that communing with nature can do wonders for your health – mind, body, and soul. Green areas, parks, and trails promote a healthy lifestyle which comes with lots of benefits.


Improved mental disposition is a great place to start with benefits such as reduced stress, lower anxiety and depression, and even reduced mental fatigue. Social benefits include a greater sense of connectivity and belonging where people can relax, unwind and connect with people with common interests.


Physically, the benefits are just as numerous. After all, if you’re walking your dog, riding your bike, or playing a sport, that means you’re not being a couch potato, right? Physical activity increases overall health and reduces healthcare costs due to obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, depression and so on.


Environmental benefits

Green spaces, parks, and trails play a key role in protecting our environment and providing ecological benefits for our residents. Here are a few examples of how trees, shrubs, green spaces & fields help:

  • Filter out pollutants from our air and helps keep our air clean
  • Reduce soil erosion, flooding, and dust storms and protects lakes and ponds from polluted runoff
  • Reduce nitrates leaking into our waterways helping protect our water supply
  • Help moderate high temperatures
  • Encourage biodiversity and conserves wildlife and wild species of plants
  • Beautify space and provides aesthetic relief from concrete and structures
  • Provide stormwater management and cost-effective flood control


So, there’s our list of the potential impact on Frisco residents. We’d love to hear your feedback! Join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter – #FriscoParks or #ProgressInMotion

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