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Welcome to Judi’s Corner – this is the Blog page for The Judi Wright Team where we write about any and everything interesting going on around town in the DFW area. You can go back quite a way to see our Blogs on so many interesting things about our area. We have school district information, information about new developments (The Star, Legacy West), information about important home repairs, home values, home updates, specific neighborhood info, Five Star neighborhoods, disputing your tax appraisal value and more. You name it, we’ve probably written about it at one time or another. We even have information on best breakfast restaurants in the area! Consider us a Resource for the area — we try hard to touch on topics of interest to you. We live, work and play in the DFW area every day and we want to share all of this information with you. New developments are coming to our area left and right (we will try to cover them all).