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Frisco Traffic Innovations Keep the City Moving Forward

By May 31, 2018February 22nd, 2021Judi's Blog
Frisco Traffic Innovations | Judi Wright Team | Top Frisco Realtor

Latest updates on how Frisco Tx plans to keep people moving around the city


Growing pains lead to creative solutions

Go just about anywhere in Frisco Tx and you’ll notice construction happening. New developments, including the Frisco North Platinum Corridor, have the city buzzing with activity. But, all this activity has some of our neighbors concerned about the number of cars on the roads, traffic delays, and the burden on Frisco’s roads and infrastructure.Frisco Traffic Innovations | Judi Wright Team | Top Frisco Realtor


If you are one of these neighbors, you are not alone. So, here’s a brief overview of how the City of Frisco is dealing with these potential traffic challenges through innovative technology that will keep the city’s residents moving.


How Frisco is using innovative strategies & technology to keep residents mobile


Partnerships focused on the connectivity of North Platinum Corridor developments

In early May, the City of Frisco announced a partnership with the Denton County Transportation Authority, Frisco Station Partners, HALL Group and The Star known as the Frisco Transportation Management Association (FTMA).


The FTMA partnership is focused on solutions such as ride-sharing, improved walkability, traffic flow-through enhancements, and technology solutions such as the driverless vehicles mentioned below. Frisco is positioning itself to be a top corporate destination and seeks to bring innovative transportation solutions to Frisco through collaboration with FTMA partners.


Traffic Light Technology

In January of 2018, the City of Frisco received statewide recognition for its innovative approaches to alleviating traffic congestion and improving the safety of drivers on Frisco roads. Here’s a rundown of Frisco’s advanced traffic light initiatives:

  • Real-time traffic signal data sharing
    Through an agreement with Traffic Technology Services of Oregon, this traffic signal data sharing program connects the city’s traffic signals with the dashboards of certain vehicles providing a digital countdown for when the light will change. Currently available only on Audi vehicles, plans for BMW vehicles are in the works.Frisco Traffic Innovations | Judi Wright Team | Top Frisco Realtor
  • Automated signal performance measures
    The City of Frisco is also implementing a program using traffic sensors and cameras to collect data and record real-time and historical performance from traffic signals. This real-time effort will allow for more timely analysis and adjustments to signal timing, thus creating more efficient flow-through of traffic.
  • Adaptive signal control
    Additionally, the city is piloting a program with technology that adjusts the timing of red, yellow, and green lights to accommodate traffic pattern changes and ease traffic congestion. The city is also partnering with Google Traffic and Waze to share information regarding construction, road-closures, and events to provide drivers using these apps real-time traffic information.


Driverless Cars

In July, the City of Frisco is set to launch a pilot program with California-based company for self-driving cars. This program is being launched with the FTMA and will provide on-demand, autonomous car service in a fixed area around Hall Park, The Star, and Frisco Station.

Driverless Cars | Frisco Traffic Innovations | Judi Wright Team | Top Frisco Realtor

Photo courtesy of Traffic Technology Today



Frisco’s on-demand, automated vehicle transportation service is the first program of it’s kind in Texas and one of the few in the United States. The initial pilot will run for 6-months with the goal of alleviating traffic around a congested area of town and will be operated by in conjunction with FTMA.


Liberty High School’s own Brooke Colombo reported on the story recently. “Our technology is safe, smart, and adaptive, and we are ready to work with governments and businesses to solve their transportation needs,” co-founder and CEO of Sameep Tandon said in a press release. “Working with the City of Frisco and Frisco TMA, this pilot program will take people to the places they want to go and transform the way they experience transportation.”


Uber’s flying air taxis

Last year, Uber announced its plans for air taxi service from Frisco to DFW airport using a battery-powered helicopter that will take off and land vertically. The helicopters are to be manufactured by Fort Worth’s Bell Helicopter and officials say the air taxis will take off and land at a ‘vertiport’ at Frisco Station in Frisco near The Star, the Dallas Cowboys’ World Headquarters, and practice facility.


Plans call for test flights by 2020 and commercial flights available for DFW commutes by 2023.

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