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Frisco 2018 General elections- It’s time to have your voice heard

By April 23, 2018February 22nd, 2021Judi's Blog
Frisco General Elections 2018 | Judi Wright Team | Top Frisco Realtor

Do local general elections really matter?

If you’ve wondered if it’s really worth your time to vote in the upcoming general elections in Frisco — it is. And here’s why your vote matters.


Local government impacts your quality of life – every day

Our local government representatives have a lot on their plates. They make decisions every day that can impact your life. Things like school quality, public safety, growth planning, local transportation and investments in roads, immigration reform, and even how much you can be taxed on your home.


Every vote counts in local elections

Local races can be won or lost by just a few votes. And, off-year elections typically have lower voter registration turnout, so your vote can have an even greater impact. Want to live in a city you help design? Unless you are running for a seat, your vote in the local elections is the next best way to do it.


Taxation with representation

Local taxes are always a hot topic. Researching and voting for candidates that share your vision of your community is the best way to have a voice in how your tax dollars are spent.


Frisco 2018 General Elections

Voting Times & Locations

General elections for Frisco will be held on Saturday, May 5, 2018. Early voting starts 4/23 and provides a great opportunity to avoid long lines.


For a full list of early voting times and locations, check out these links:

City of Frisco General Election Map

Collin County Voters

Denton County Voters


Read more about Frisco 2018 General Elections details here.


Open Seats & Hot Topics

This general election, there are 2 seats on Frisco City Council and 1 seat on Frisco ISD board of trustees up for grabs.


City Council:

Hot topics for City Council representatives include:

  • Taxpayer issues and rates
  • City growth planning
  • Transportation & infrastructure planning
  • Community involvement of citizens
  • Multifamily housing & zoning


Candidates for City Council include:

Frisco City Council, Place 1:

K.D Warach

Jason Money

John Keating


Frisco City Council, Place 3:

Will Sowell

Dave Bowsher


Frisco ISD Board of Trustees:

Hot topics for Frisco ISD board of trustees include:

  • Safeguarding schools
  • Teacher & classroom support
  • Expanding academic opportunities
  • School finance reform


Candidates for Frisco ISD Board of Trustees include:

Candidates for Place 7:

Rene Archambault

Linda McConnell


Candidates for Place 6:

John Classe (running unopposed)


Your vote matters in local elections. Take advantage of early voting 4/23 – 5/1/2018, or on election day of May 5th. Either way, it’s your turn to make an impact on this great city by electing representatives that share your vision for our future.

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