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Declutter your garage- Top garage organization tips for 2019

By September 23, 2019February 22nd, 2021Judi's Blog
Declutter your garage 2019 | Judi Wright Team | Best Realtor Frisco TX

Declutter your garage this fall

Garages are for cars, right?

Do your cars fit in your garage? If the answer is no – you are not alone. Many families in the Frisco and Plano area deal with the same challenge.


Having a garage is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you can use it for storing tools, bikes, sports equipment, seasonal decorations, and of course your car.

What we see most often is that your garage turns into a large extension of your closet or attic— becoming the ultimate dump area for things that didn’t quite make it into the house. Or, those items you can’t decide what to do with – like those empty Amazon Prime boxes (@#$!*).


What do you do when you find your garage cluttered? You give it a whole new makeover. Keep reading to find out the top three ways that you can declutter your garage and optimize your space in no time.

PS – Want ideas on what to do with empty Amazon boxes? Check out this article for earth-friendly ideas that benefit your favorite charity.

Quick and easy steps to declutter your garage

One of the biggest problems that homeowners have is that they toss things into the garage when they are just not sure where else to put it- or plan to deal with it ‘later.’ Maybe it’s a broken chair you intend to fix, or a pile of clothes that needs to go to Goodwill…later.


Step #1 Declutter Your Garage by Sorting

The first step to a clean and organized garage starts with decision piles. Starting the process with this simple hack helps you break down the big job into manageable tasks. And, it helps you organize the work into an efficient workflow to keep things moving when motivation sometimes runs low.

Most experts agree that clearing the items from the garage and into these piles will enable you to better visualize your newly organized space, as well as create more workroom for organizing.

The piles should look something like this:

  • Keep It– these are items you want and or need such as tools, sports equipment you still use, bikes you still ride, you get the point.
  • Trash It– the no-brainer items that probably should have already been in the trash or recycle bin.
  • Donate it– items that still have value and could be useful to other families.
  • Not about It– These are items you just aren’t sure about. More tips on this below.


Step #2 Declutter Your Garage by Removing the Trash

The second step to tackling that garage clutter is to get rid of the trash. Pick up and throw away or recycle trash on the floor, empty boxes (see tip above about how to recycle empty boxes), old magazines, broken furniture or tools.

Also separate all those paint cans, old chemicals or unused electronics. For those you don’t use anymore, put them in a pile and check out Frisco’s website on how to dispose of properly as these items should not be put into trash or recycle bins.

When you’re looking at items, be brutally honest: is this something you are going to be using within the next year? If not, then let it go.


Tip #3 Declutter Your Garage by Categorizing What’s Inside

Now that you’ve done the great cleaning, it’s now time to categorize what’s left.


Keep It: Organize the items you want to keep

Let’s start with the ‘Keep It’ pile you created earlier. Organize these elements into 3-5 categories. You don’t want to have more than five because that can lead to additional clutter. Typically, you can divide the items in your garage into these categories: car care, handyman tools, sporting gear, seasonal items (e.g. Christmas lights), and other. Be careful of your “other” category and make sure that it does not turn into the “everything else” category.

Another way to categorize your items is by use. This one gives you a little more freedom in what you can keep in your garage and looks something like this: frequently used (e.g. cleaning supplies), rarely used (e.g. Christmas lights), bulky (e.g. lawnmower), tools (e.g. electric drill).  The goal is to get the items in your garage assigned to a certain category so the last tip will be a breeze.


Not Sure About It: It’s time to make decisions

After you categorize your ‘Keep It’ pile, it’s time to move onto the ‘Not Sure About It’ pile. Look back through these items and decide how they fit into your life – are you holding onto these because you really need them, or because it’s uncomfortable to get rid of them? Have you needed the item in the last year?

If the answer is yes – you really need them, then decide which category of the keep it pile they belong and add the items accordingly. From there, divide the last items into the trash pile or the donation pile.


Donate It: Spread the love

Have great items that could bring other families joy? This is the time to spread the love and donate clothes, shoes, books, working appliances, furniture, and sporting equipment to the charity of choice. One of our favorites is Frisco Family Services.

Or, for those more expensive items you might consider selling at local consignment store such as Plato’s Closet or KidtoKid.


Tip #4 Declutter Your Garage by Planning It Out

Once you know where everything belongs, now it’s time to map it out in your garage. Planning out your garage varies based on its size, so you’ll have to get creative based on yours.


We suggest dividing your garage into zones and placing all the like items into each zone. Remember the categories that you just created in the previous tip? Make those your zones and arrange the items accordingly. Make sure to store your frequently used items so they are easily accessible.


There you have your top tips on decluttering your garage and having more space. You can do this! Just make sure you sweep and hose out your garage before putting everything back inside. Once you finish, make sure you let us know how it went in the comments.


Need more information about garage services such as building overheads or organization? Give us a call for a free copy of our 2019 Service Provider List with a full list of our favorite home service providers in the Frisco, Plano, Prosper and Allen areas.

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